As one of healthcare’s most crucial professionals, Registered Nurses are in short supply and high demand. With the 2007 launch of our New Registered Nurse (RN) registry, you won’t have to be understaffed again.

Family Tree Health Care is in the business of providing short and long-term health care personnel to Phoenix and its surrounding areas.We provide service to private physician’s offices, clinics, surgery centers, hospitals and home health care agencies.

Why Family Tree Health Care

What gives Family Tree Health Care a leg up on most agencies is that its owners and operators are licensed nurses and MAs; and have experienced the fluctuation of staffing needs. Facilities are finding out that it is more economical to staff with agency RNs to handle times of peak census as well as employee absentees and vacations. This eliminates the additional cost of training, benefits, sick leave, payroll matches and list goes on.

Family Tree Health Care has access to certified RNs and Medical Assistants whom are multi-skilled health professionals. Our business is to provide the highest quality employees for short and long-term commitments. Call us whenever you need medical personnel for days, nights, weekends, holidays or vacations. Phone lines are open 24 hours a day through call forwarding when business is closed.

Family Tree Health Care sends you the very finest medical personnel available. Quality, proficiency, attitude and personality are considerations for contracting as well as education, training, experience and recommendations. Quality care is our number one priority.

Family Tree Health Care Contractors carry General and Professional Liability Insurance. We respond quickly to assist you in filling your staffing needs.  We will do our best to fill the position.  We welcome feedback to help us improve our services. 

We realize it is a privilege to assist you in staffing your facility and want to earn your confidence and trust.  Family Tree Health Care shares your commitment to provide quality healthcare services to those in needs.

Family Tree Healthcare would like to send a special thanks to our sponsors


Family Tree Healthcare is currently hiring caring individuals with at least two years of experience.

You must be able to pass a background check, supply professional and character references, and have a genuine love for people. To apply, please submit an application. A signature will be required at the time of interview. 

Click here to apply.

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