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  • The Director of FTHC formerly sat as the chair person for the Women of Color committee for the Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence. She was elected in 2010. Family Tree Healthcare primarily provides services for underserved and minority populations. Thru our partnership we support many diverse, ethnic and minority cultures. 

  • The Director represented Arizona at the 2010 Woman of Color National Call to Action Institute and Conference.

  • Family Tree Healthcare conducts culturally equitable domestic violence awareness trainings. Specifically, we discuss stereotypes, oppression, internalized racism and its relationship to violence within our communities, barriers to service, how to overcome these barriers in our communities; as well as ways to open up dialog about domestic violence in our circles of influence.

  • FTHC is accredited by the Arizona Peace Officer Standards and Training Board to conduct law Enforcement trainings to police officers. That training is entitled “Overcoming barriers to underserved populations”.

  • FTHC conducts “diversity vs. inequity workshop addressing maternal health” for members of the Maricopa County Department of Public Health’s South Phoenix Healthy Start Community Consortium.

  • The Director currently chairs the SPHS Community Consortium subcommittee on housing for pregnant women and is a member of the Interconceptional Care Learning Community with the national quality improvement and change initiative with Healthy Start programs.

  • The Director of FTHC was also elected co-chair of the African American Advisory Group for the City of Tempe’s Historical museum in 2010.

  • The African American Advisory Committee has been selected as a recipient of the City of Tempe's MLK Diversity Awards 2011 in the Community Group category.

  • FTHC provided budgeting, youth character and parenting classes to Native Connections. Native Connection provides housing to the Native community and also helps Native Americans relocate into metro Phoenix from reservations.

  • Family Tree Healthcare conducts culturally based anti-violence (family, peer and dating) trainings for our youth, specifically targeting African American youth. To break the cycle of violence, our teen anti-violence trainings are direct service presentations to underserved teen populations.

  • Family Tree Healthcare also conducts trainings, community outreach and presentations thru tabling community and public events. Collaborations include the University of Arizona’s Tapestry Program, the South Mountain Child Protective Services Community Partnership, The Black Nurses of Arizona, The African American Hispanic Health Education Resource Center, The Purple Ribbon Study Circles, Keyes Community Center, Maricopa County re-entry programs and outreach, Harmony House Domestic Violence Shelter and Moma’s House.


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