Family Tree Healthcare (FTHC) has identified as a top priority the need to ensure that survivors of domestic and sexual violence have effective empowerment-based advocacy as they begin the healing process from victim to survivor. Advocacy has been defined as “speaking on behalf of another,” and while FTHC clearly understands that many times we must be the voice of another, our belief in the long-term empowerment of survivors requires us to provide a foundation for them to learn to be their own voice. FTHC works directly with shelters and partners across the country to provide survivor-centered populations of survivors that have been customarily underserved. We provide direct services through trainings, support groups and cultural education. We also provide service provider support with train the trainer curriculum.

FTHC’s capacity building approach involves a variety of services. These services include:

• providing online and over-the-phone technical assistance

• hosting conferences, in-person trainings and webinars about best practices in advocacy, prevention and organizational management

• providing educational and media resources and publications.

FTHC is also focused on helping member agencies provide access and services to survivors from underserved communities and cultures, such as various ethnic groups, people with disabilities, military veterans and college students. By equipping staff and volunteers with critical knowledge, tools and resources, we have the ability to serve more survivors while also focusing efforts on preventing these acts from occurring in the future.
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